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College Admissions Assistance and Consulting

Let our College Admissions Assistance services and College Admissions Consulting experts guide your way to college of your dreams

If you're looking for college admission consulting, we have the services and tools you need to succeed. Our unique college admissions assistance success model provides the keys to college admissions and the support to see your objectives through. Our unique model has been built and refined through our deep experience in guiding students to earn acceptance at their best-fit colleges. This model combines academic and mentoring programs, college admissions consulting, and summer enrichment programs at ideal levels from junior high through the high school years.

College Admissions Consulting Services

Our hallmark service is our college admissions consulting service. This service gives you the college admissions assistance you need to select and gain admissions to your best-fit college.

College Vision students are matched with an exceptional college admissions consultant (we call them College admissions coaches) who will get to know your individual needs and provide guidance, mentorship, and planning for the college admissions process. Your College Admissions Consulting will:

  • Give you an inside understanding of what it really takes to get into the best colleges.
  • Motivate you to establish positive routines, study habits, and life behaviors (including exercise and nutrition) that correlate with college admissions and success.
  • Push you to get the best grades possible and to make the most of your high school experience.
  • Guide you through the college admissions process, from choosing a major, selecting the right school, preparing for the SATs/ACTs, completing your applications, writing essays, requesting letters of recommendation, and more.
  • Coordinate schedules, activities, and deadlines for college admissions.

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